Below is a list of protocols used in the Mack Lab. For specific information regarding any of these protocols, please contact Samantha Miller (


Soil CO2 Mineralization

TOC in soils and soil extracts

Anthrone Assay for Reducing Sugars

Total Non-structural Carbohydrate

Substrate-induced Microbial Biomass C

Cellulose Extraction


Ammonium Assay

Reactive Ammonium Determination using Ninhydrin Method

Diffusion Protocol for Determining 15N/14N using Mass Spectrometry

Nitrogen Mineralization

Nitrite Assay

Persulfate Oxidation for Determining DON

Microbial Biomass N


Persulfate Digestion to Determine DOP and TP in water

Mehlich I P

Ascorbate Assay for Determining P

Malachite Green Method for Determining P

Sample Processing

Root Sorting

Litterbag Sorting

Soil Collection and Processing

Dry Ash Digestion

Wet Ashing Procedure


Single Ion Resin Bags

Mixed Bed Resin Bags


Determination of Total Soluble Protein

Determination of Total Free Amino Acids in Soils

Enzyme Assays

Acid Phosphatase

Ammonium Oxygenase

Protease Activity

Denitrifying Enzyme Activity